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Integrating MoSKito into Java EE 6 + JBoss AS 7 environment

MoSKito enables you to analyze and monitor your running Java application. During this blog post, we guide you how to fully integrate MoSKito within Java EE 6 environment und run it with JBoss Application Server 7. Furthermore we provide some hooks for integrating Producers, Threshold and Accumulators. (more…)

michael.schuetz December 13, 2013

The complete MoSKito integration guide – Step 3 – Custom producers

In previous steps, we spoke about general integration of MoSKito and WebUI and adding custom counters. Today, we are going to dive deeper and build own stats object. (more…)

Leon December 13, 2013

The complete MoSKito integration guide – Step 2 - Add some counters

In previous post, we performed general integration of MoSKito into the target project. In today's step (rather short), we're going to add some business-value-related information with a Counter. (more…)

Leon December 8, 2013

The complete MoSKito integration guide – Step 1

After we created our guinea pig in the previous step, it's now time to integrate MoSKito-Essential into our application. Our plan for today is: Add monitoring to the core parts of our code. Download and connect MoSKito Inspect Learn about WebFilters and Listeners At the end of the guide we want to: see the access data in MoSKito Inspect, record a Journey. Lets go! (more…)

Leon December 6, 2013

The complete MoSKito integration guide - Step 0

Despite the efforts we put into MoSKito documentation, we are continuously facing questions like 'How to do this' and 'How to get that'. Now we want to give you a guide for the whole setup cycle, which this posts starts. The guide will cover a complete application lifecycle with MoSKito, from integration of the first MoSKito-Essential Producer to installing MoSKito-Control and MoSKito-Central setup. But before we start, we need a guinea pig. This is what we do today - set up a simple application for experimental purposes. (more…)

Leon December 4, 2013

MoSKito: What was and what will be

Slowly but inevitable the holidays are coming and with that an urge to make some kind of retrospective for 2013. We will not do that. But instead we will shortly speak about recent MoSKito development and what lies ahead in 2014. (more…)

Leon December 4, 2013

Why Do You Need Software Architecture

Why do you need software architecture? (more…)

Leon November 21, 2013

Fresh boost for MoSKito documentation

Lately, some of our colleagues had a hard time working with MoSKito documentation. Docs are fine, they said, but finding things is difficult. Sadly, that was true. Why? MoSKito is quite a mature project. It has been developing for the last 6 years, which is a long time for our quickly changing Internet era. Many MoSKito contributors added new features, but didn't have time to fix the old documentation. What they did was writing new docs on top of the ones we had. As a result, MoSKito Confluence Space was full of valuable info, which was totally in a mess. Now, MoSKito documents are getting a new lease of life :) What did we change? (more…)

Dmytro Mrachkovskyi August 19, 2013

One to log them all

Since the beginning of our open source engagement (and my personal java life), we've been working with log4j. By that time, log4j was de-facto standard in the JAVA world. However, it's time to say Goodbye to an old friend and move on to SLF4J. (more…)

Leon August 19, 2013

Salute for all-new website!

Recently, you could say there were no serious movements in MoSKito Camp. But this was just a tactical trick, the calm before the storm. Now we're back with a bunch of updates! We shall describe them one by one, so that you could feel their true value. So, today's special is... Brand new website! Let's take a look and say why is it great. (more…)

Dmytro Mrachkovskyi August 13, 2013

MoSKito: Meet the Swarm!

MoSKito is a relatively old (and mature) project by Internet reasoning (it made its first appearance in 2007). The project has been evolving fast, which led to re-arrangements among its components and caused some chaos in naming. The intention of this post is to explain who's who in MoSKito Universe. Meet the Swarm! (more…)

Leon August 9, 2013

MBeans in ConfigureMe

Since 2.1.0 version, configureMe provides the ability to view a list of configuration files, each config file separately, and its attributes, that used by default environment and content of this configuration. For this functionality was used JMX API, namely managed beans, or MBeans and created MBeanRegisterUtil class. This class contains regMBean method, which doing registration of your mBean in MBean server. And also had been created mBeans for providing information about your configurations files: WatchedConfigFilesMBean - provides list of config files. (more…)

Alecsei Samoilich August 6, 2013

Guest Writer: Moskito in practice

This entry is user feedback from an author who is not connected to team or MoSKito developers. (more…)

Hartmut Lockstaedt July 1, 2013

DevOps@Runtime - The simplest way to automate.

This is a small sidekick for this post. People often complain that automating the deployment line is sooooooo hard. It isn't. This post explains the simplest way to automate something with the less possible effort. (more…)

Leon June 3, 2013

Getting MoSKito to mail to you

So you've set up all the accumulators and thresholds you wanted. Now it's time to get some rest, but you don't want to miss your thresholds getting red? No problem, with Notification Providers, you can handle the alerting in highly customizable way. And here is how. (more…)

Leon June 1, 2013

DevOps@Runtime - Prologue

I have had 2 talks about DevOps@Runtime (here and here), I've also been talking to people about the topic and I've promised to write a blog post about it, which I'm doing now. But before I can start with the Runtime, I have to talk a bit about DevOps in general and what it is. Therefore, in the prologue I will explain DevOps in a NutShell ;-) (more…)

Leon June 1, 2013

DevOpsDays 2013 in Berlin

I just came back from the DevOpsDays 2013 in Berlin earlier this week, and wanted to share my impressions. (more…)

Leon May 30, 2013

Everything in 'Control'

Back in 2010 we were helping Parship to migrate their platform to a new provider and establish working application management. Migration to a new hosting provider and parallel re-architecturing of the platform is a funny combination and it actually rattled from time to time. Now imagine the situation were you have 4 different parties with at least 4 different tools and every tool shows something different. (more…)

Leon April 15, 2013

MoSKito 2.1.5 introduces REST API

Hi MoSKito community, we published MoSKito version 2.1.5. First we…

michael.schuetz March 1, 2013

What's New in MoSKito UI 2.1 for iOS

We're happy to announce that MoSKito UI v2.1 for iPhone & iPad has been released and is now available for download in AppStore! MoSKito UI 2.1 is a completely redesigned application. The main new features are: New Design, Accumulators, Configuration by Code, Improved Stability, Performance and Operation Speed, Help section. In this post we're going to discuss the new features in more details. (more…)

Dmytro Mrachkovskyi February 12, 2013

Announcement MoSKito 2.0 in AppStore

We will dedicate a long all-explaining post to the topic…

Leon February 1, 2013

MoSKito 2012 Get Together

On December, 10th, Anotheria Office in Kyiv hosted MoSKito Community Session. We all enjoyed relaxed atmosphere, tasty sushi and friendly live conversation at the Meeting. But the highlight of the evening was a chance to see latest MoSKito features in action, listen to important usage recommendations, ask questions and share proposals for future development. (more…)

Dmytro Mrachkovskyi December 12, 2012

MoSKito Demo Night in Kiev

Tonight, December, 10, MoSKito is going to appear in public…

Dmytro Mrachkovskyi December 10, 2012

November news

The last two month were so full with news and even fuller with work, that we had no time to publish october news, so november news have to tell all the stories. (more…)

Leon December 2, 2012