Guest Writer: Moskito in practice

Hartmut Lockstaedt - July 1, 2013 - 0 comments

This entry is user feedback from an author who is not connected to team or MoSKito developers.

Dear moskito team,

first a big compliment for your great tool.
I am a developer from bosch software innovations.
In two of our java projects we had some performance problems.
We decided us to use moskito to fix our bottlenecks.
The advantage from moskito it is easy to configure and use.
Add the filter to your config, add annotations to your services that you want to monitor and thats it.
Easy as you can mind. The journeys are one of the best features of the tool.
So we could see in detail whats happened with our application and fix the problem.
Also the monitoring from treshholds and the possibility to connect nagios is a great feature.
Moskito helped us so much, big big thank you.

However there is an advice from me when you must updated from version 1.x to 2.x.
If you must use the servlet mappings for the jsps(we must do so in a vaadin project),
The mappings from the moskito homepage are out of order. Can you update please?
Otherwise you must handle the mapping manually. However that was the only problem that we had.

Greetings from berlin.

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