MoSKito: What was and what will be

Leon - December 4, 2013 - 0 comments

Slowly but inevitable the holidays are coming and with that an urge to make some kind of retrospective for 2013. We will not do that. But instead we will shortly speak about recent MoSKito development and what lies ahead in 2014.


MoSKito 2.4.0 is out, being probably the last of 15 MoSKito Essential releases this year. It contains mostly two features:

  • Support for servlet 3 spec which simplifies configuration a lot, basically changing the configuration overhead to non-existing.
  • Support for multiple chart engines, primary offline chart engines, with jqPlot as the first supported engine.

The details will be documented in this blog and MoSKito Documentation Home in next days and weeks.

Next version, 2.5.0 will concentrate on the standalone WebUI, which will allow you to run one WebUI and connect to multiple servers via http or rmi. This will also allow you to connect to web-less VMs with the Web frontend.


After fixing the ugly http-connection thread leak, an unholy combination of MSK-83 and MSKCONTROL-57 combined with a leak in http connections MoSKito-Control is ready for 1.0. We are just going to finish some last tasks for the Component Inspection feature and hope to release 1.0 this year.


To be honest MoSKito Central wasn’t getting as much attention as it should in the last year. This changed a bit at the end of the year, and going to change even more in the beginning of 2014.

First we moved central to a standalone project. At the end of the year we splitted MoSKito-Central up into multiple artifacts. Funny thing it was done in context of a completely innocently looking issue, but it was done 😉 The new structure isn’t released yet, at least not as not-snapshot.  This is something we want to concentrate on next year, bringing 1.1 out and provide more features in MoSKito Central, first of them being a fully blown REST API.

Overall, great year 2013 for MoSKito project with

  • Multiple appearances on conferences and talks
  • New homepage
  • Interesting new installations and customer feedback (Hey, we are now in Asia ;-))
  • 20 overall releases (incl essential, control and central)

That being said, we wish you merry christmas without any downtime and see you next year 😉


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