Dmytro Mrachkovskyi


Fresh boost for MoSKito documentation

Lately, some of our colleagues had a hard time working with MoSKito documentation. Docs are fine, they said, but finding things is difficult. Sadly, that was true. Why? MoSKito is quite a mature project. It has been developing for the last 6 years, which is a long time for our quickly changing Internet era. Many MoSKito contributors added new features, but didn't have time to fix the old documentation. What they did was writing new docs on top of the ones we had. As a result, MoSKito Confluence Space was full of valuable info, which was totally in a mess. Now, MoSKito documents are getting a new lease of life :) What did we change? (more…)

Dmytro Mrachkovskyi August 19, 2013

Salute for all-new website!

Recently, you could say there were no serious movements in MoSKito Camp. But this was just a tactical trick, the calm before the storm. Now we're back with a bunch of updates! We shall describe them one by one, so that you could feel their true value. So, today's special is... Brand new website! Let's take a look and say why is it great. (more…)

Dmytro Mrachkovskyi August 13, 2013

What's New in MoSKito UI 2.1 for iOS

We're happy to announce that MoSKito UI v2.1 for iPhone & iPad has been released and is now available for download in AppStore! MoSKito UI 2.1 is a completely redesigned application. The main new features are: New Design, Accumulators, Configuration by Code, Improved Stability, Performance and Operation Speed, Help section. In this post we're going to discuss the new features in more details. (more…)

Dmytro Mrachkovskyi February 12, 2013

MoSKito 2012 Get Together

On December, 10th, Anotheria Office in Kyiv hosted MoSKito Community Session. We all enjoyed relaxed atmosphere, tasty sushi and friendly live conversation at the Meeting. But the highlight of the evening was a chance to see latest MoSKito features in action, listen to important usage recommendations, ask questions and share proposals for future development. (more…)

Dmytro Mrachkovskyi December 12, 2012

MoSKito Demo Night in Kiev

Tonight, December, 10, MoSKito is going to appear in public…

Dmytro Mrachkovskyi December 10, 2012