Leon - September 1, 2012 - 0 comments

Yet another blog. Does the world really need one? In fact we believe it does.

First of all we believe in open source. We are committed to open source software with our hearts and nearly all software we code is open source (except for customer projects). However, coding open source software is just first part. Its surely a very important one, but apart from coding one needs to make the software visible, to document it, to explain it. Explaining, that is what we are going to do here.

So this blog will be about our software, namely MoSKito, DistributeMe, ConfigureMe, and AOS in general. We will write about the software itself, what you can do with it, what we do with it, what funny things happen, when we develop it, and what you can expect next.

And you? Thanks for reading. Apart from that we ask you to try it, talk with us (and anyone else) about it. And you definitely should collaborate. We are making this software not for the glass cabinet, but for you. And we need your feedback to make it better. And ideally we would love you to collaborate and make the software better. And the world too 😉



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