MoSKito 1.5.0 – Happy threadhunting.

Leon - September 2, 2012 - 0 comments

As MoSKito 1.5.0 hits the maven repositorty today, so do some new features about threads.

Here’s a short overview on 4 new screens added in 1.5.0 for threading issues.

The overview provides some information on the statistics and capabilities of current VM. As in how many threads have been created and is contention monitoring supported and/or enabled. There are three further submenus: ListDump and History.


This view provides all information about currently running threads in the system.


The dump creates the full thread dump for the current vm and displays it. No big magic, you don’t have to login, kill -QUIT and search logs.


The first two views where more or less direct applications of JMX. However this one isn’t. Once ON it checks regularly what threads are running and keeps track of started/stopped threads. This way you can monitor your applications threading behavior and detect potential thread leakage.

A new thread will show up in the history shortly after creation:

And this is how the same thread, stopped about a minute later would look like:

The Thread Deletion Screen

Note that MoSKito can only detect a new thread that lived longer than the update cycle of the internal thread stats. This is one minute by default but can be configured via call. Other configuration options are listed here.

Live demo

Check out MoSKito live demo:

Happy threadhunting.

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