Distributed subject observer pattern with ano-plass and DistributeMe

Asynchronous notification aka publisher/subscriber model is a powerful pattern. Both ano-plass and DistributeMe offered a way to do it, one with subject/observer pattern, the other with the classical EventChannels. The ano-plass subject/observer pattern was limited to the current vm. Now it can become global. (more…)

Leon April 16, 2018

The Road to IntelliJ IDEA

When it comes to choosing an IDE for Java development,…

Alexandr Osadchy December 15, 2014

Id Based Locking

We ‘invented’ (at least we say we invented it, until…

Leon January 30, 2014

Hacking MoSKito, fixing AspectJ

Back in the MoSKito 1.2.0 Vitaliy added AspectJ annotations to MoSKito which was a great thing and provides a very easy and convenient way to integrate MoSKito into an application. After I recently added Counters I thought it would be a good idea to add an Aspect for it too. (more…)

Leon November 30, 2012

I like to move it move it

After we decided to move everything we publish as open…

Leon November 8, 2012

ConfigureMe innovations

New version 1.1.3 of the ConfigureMe has been released with some “Yammy” features. However firstly I want to start with feature, that was appeared some time before, but was not highlighted. Thus we will start from variables Variables You can use environment variables to set attributes in configuration. Syntactics: variable:"${testVariable}". Click for full example. Now we will proceed with current release features. Please welcome: includes, links and the new annotation @ConfigureAlso. (more…)

Ivan Batura October 7, 2012

New access control in ano-site

We often want to restrict access to specific part of an application from some parties. Moreover we usually want to do it with high flexibility at runtime, don’t we? With the recent release of ano-site (version 2.4.1) we’ve added a brand new access control mechanism based on the ano-access framework. The idea was to make all parts of the application, that user interacts with, configurable from access point of view. In this article we'll make a brief overview of capabilities that are available in current version. It won't replace comprehensive developer documentation, though. Currently access can be controlled for such entities as: Page Box Navigation item Action Wizard All configuration is done traditionally through ASG (ano-site content management system) which was enriched with two new modules for access control configuration: Ano-Access Configuration and Ano-Access Data. While latter is pretty straightforward, the former requires some explanation. (more…)

Alexandr Osadchy October 3, 2012

MoSKito Art

MoSKito can produce graphs. Some looks quite normal like the both graphs below, representing a normal day session count development: (more…)

Leon September 21, 2012


Yet another blog. Does the world really need one? In…

Leon September 1, 2012