DevOps@Runtime - The simplest way to automate.

This is a small sidekick for this post. People often complain that automating the deployment line is sooooooo hard. It isn't. This post explains the simplest way to automate something with the less possible effort. (more…)

Leon June 3, 2013

DevOps@Runtime - Prologue

I have had 2 talks about DevOps@Runtime (here and here), I've also been talking to people about the topic and I've promised to write a blog post about it, which I'm doing now. But before I can start with the Runtime, I have to talk a bit about DevOps in general and what it is. Therefore, in the prologue I will explain DevOps in a NutShell ;-) (more…)

Leon June 1, 2013

November news

The last two month were so full with news and even fuller with work, that we had no time to publish october news, so november news have to tell all the stories. (more…)

Leon December 2, 2012

I like to move it move it

After we decided to move everything we publish as open…

Leon November 8, 2012