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Leon - October 2, 2012 - 0 comments

This is a short overview of topics in opensource that took place in september.


MoSKito got 2 updates in September, 1.5.0 and 1.6.0. The later got autoreload functionality for Thresholds and Accumulators. Also Thread States are now cumulated in the ThreadList view.

MoSKito minimal has been added to the package and some other older stuff removed. MoSKito minimal is an out-of-the box MoSKito installation.

Earlier in September we already add on-the-fly accumulators and thresholds in 1.5.x.


This is change is worth its own blog entry and it will surely get one, later… or so I hope, but to be short, the worlds most advanced box-driven portal engine got married with the world most advanced access control system.


We had no major ano-maf release since may, and there were some changes in the queue. We released 1.3.0 in September, which contained in support for 404 pages, configuration by annotation and improved error handling. See the list.

What’s coming next?

October will bring some exciting stuff too.

MoSKito 2.0.0 refactoring started. Its a major upgrade due to incompatible changes in package names (net.anotheria.moskito instead of but there will also be features 😉 First on the roadmap is the new snapshot interface and the complete redesign of moskito-central, a central storage place for snapshots, which offers the data via REST APIs for time period analysis.

ano-plass and ano-prise get both a new version with improved session handling for distributed sessions.

We are getting together a roadmap for ano-site 3, a major new version, which will reunite different components of ano-site (ano-doc, asg, cms) into one multimodule maven project. We will also adress versioning, fast compile times and some other stuff in this release.

So… hang on or come back often 😉




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