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Leo Ertuna - May 22, 2018 - 0 comments

We continuously monitor how other developers use MoSKito with a wide variety of their web-apps, we carefully listen to their feedback and in response we keep adding new features along with tweaking existing ones to make MoSKito more and more robust with every released version.


Today we would like to introduce you two more built-in tags. These new tags were found to be highly useful in real working environments. They will save you a lot of time and they will allow you to understand reasons behind certain bugs much easier.


Built-in url tag:

It is always useful to check the request url when some error occurs, now MoSKito will automatically keep track of urls in your app and you’ll always be able to observe the request url on thrown errors.


Built-in server name tag:

In contrast you may not be interested in the url details, but you only need to see what server the request is coming from. This proved to be very useful when you’re running a multi-domain website. This tag will help you distinguish between global and domain related errors.


Turning off automatic tagging:

Similarly to other built-in tags you have full control of what data MoSKito monitors, you can always turn off any automatic tag in your config. Thus you can fully customize built-in tags to suit your problem solving methods.

"taggingConfig": {
  "autotagSessionId": true,
  "autotagIp": true,
  "autotagUserAgent": true,
  "autotagReferer": true,
  "autotagUrl": true,
  "autotagServerName": true,
  "@customTags": [
      "name": "CustomerID",
      "attribute": "session.customerId"
  "tagHistorySize": 10


That’s all for today! These new tags will be available in MoSKito 2.8.7. We hope catching bugs in your application becomes easier with every release of MoSKito!

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