Empowering Moms with New Work GmbH's Momhunting Platform


Anotheria Solutions is proud to present a remarkable success story in collaboration with New Work
GmbH. We developed “Momhunting,” a cutting-edge platform dedicated to bridging the gap
between highly qualified moms and companies seeking empowered female talent. Here’s how we
achieved this transformative project.

What We Did

Understanding and Prioritizing Requirements Our journey began with an in-depth consultation
with New Work GmbH. We helped them articulate and prioritize their requirements, ensuring a
clear understanding of their vision for a platform focused on harmonizing family and work life for
professional mothers.

Providing Optimal Technical Solutions We crafted a comprehensive and scalable technical
solution, leveraging the latest technologies to meet the unique needs of both job-seeking moms
(Talent) and hiring companies (Mission Partners).

Integrating New Technologies A key highlight of our project was the integration of AI
technologies, including ChatGPT. This allowed for enhanced user interactions and intelligent
matching algorithms that provide the best job-talent fits.

Seamless Data Migration We ensured a seamless migration of data from New Work GmbH’s old
platform to Momhunting, preserving data integrity and minimizing downtime to keep the transition
smooth for all users.

Third-Party Application Integration To create a holistic platform, we integrated third-party
applications for community building, email marketing, and HR processing. This provided users
with a comprehensive ecosystem supporting all their needs.

Tech Stack

The robust tech stack used for Momhunting includes:

Backend: Java, Postgres, MongoDB
Frontend: Angular
CI/CD: GitHub Actions
APM and Site Reliability: MoSKito Monitoring
Cloud Hosting: 100% cloud-native solutions ensuring scalability and reliability
Platform Details

Platform Name: Momhunting

Goal: To provide a technological solution for HR, specifically aimed at reconciling family and work
life for professional moms and empowering companies with exceptional female talent.

Operations: Momhunting operates by allowing Talents (moms) to register and fill out detailed
profiles, including audio greetings, work history, and personality traits. Mission Partners
(companies) create comprehensive company profiles and job postings. The platform uses
sophisticated algorithms to match job positions with the talent pool, ensuring optimal compatibility.
Mission Partners can then reach out to Talents, who remain in control of their data and
communication preferences.


The development of Momhunting is a testament to Anotheria Solutions’ commitment to innovation
and excellence. By combining our technical expertise with New Work GmbH’s vision, we have
created a platform that not only meets the current needs of professional moms and companies but
also sets a benchmark for future technological advancements in HR solutions.