Valeriy Kazhdan


The complete MoSKito integration guide – Step 4 – Central storage

Today we are going to unlock even more MoSKito power: more persisting, more centralising. As you know, we can access MoSKito producer's statistics while application is running: http://localhost:8080/burgershop/mui/mskShowAllProducers. But what if:  we want to check statistics for some time ago, like the last night, when we were sleeping? we want to have and check statistics for all our applications, not only a single burgershop (as good businessmen, we surely have various projects to be safe from total fail one day!)? we want to automatically analyse the collected (in time and space) data and make some strategical changes, based on results of this analysis? The answer to all these if's is: MoSKito-Central. (more…)

Valeriy Kazhdan January 31, 2014