MoSKito Seasonal Greetings

Dear MoSKito-rians and those to become MoSKitorians in the next…

michael.schuetz December 24, 2013

Integrating MoSKito into Java EE 6 + JBoss AS 7 environment

MoSKito enables you to analyze and monitor your running Java application. During this blog post, we guide you how to fully integrate MoSKito within Java EE 6 environment und run it with JBoss Application Server 7. Furthermore we provide some hooks for integrating Producers, Threshold and Accumulators. (more…)

michael.schuetz December 13, 2013

MoSKito 2.1.5 introduces REST API

Hi MoSKito community, we published MoSKito version 2.1.5. First we…

michael.schuetz March 1, 2013

Jumpstart MoSKito

MoSKito is a devops tool to manage and understand your application at runtime. With this post we will describe how to jumpstart MoSKito by using MoSKito Minimal sample application We will focus on: Download MoSKito Minimal Download Tomcat Start demo application and getting in touch with MoSKito (more…)

michael.schuetz September 18, 2012