Aleksey Khilkevich


The complete MoSKito integration guide – Step 6 – Watching the big app with MoSKito-Control

In all previous steps, we integrated MoSKito into our application and set up data storage. In simple words, we learned how to monitor our app's performance and store the obtained MoSKito data for later analysis. What's next? Here's the good news: our burgershop is now the world's leading burger-seller, with million revenues. It has become a big distributed app, with multiple instances and servers. The bad news: even the smallest fail might lead to a thousand-euro loss per minute. The question: how to keep trace of hundreds of producers on a dozen of instances? It's the moment to call Superman another hero! So, today we're setting up MoSKito-Control, a tool for monitoring multi-node web applications. (more…)

Aleksey Khilkevich February 4, 2014